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‘Amarillo garage doors’ established in 2011 and since then, gaining a good reputation and satisfied clientele.

Our company works with the highest quality, environmentally safe and top-rated materials and parts that are available on the market.

All our professional technicians have a license, and they have specialized in repairing parts and doors of all kinds.

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We have a special offer for military soldiers and senior citizens: 10% discount.

We offer free advice and consultation over the phone.

We provide emergency services.

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Not all garage doors have the same kind of springs, but the standard overhead doors used in most residential garages can have either of two types of springs, torsion springs or extension springs

Whatever if you own Torsion Springs or Extension Springs, our technicians are well-trained and can handle any problem


Garage door cables are flexible and strong; however, over time, the amount of effort and heavy use can cause loose, bent, broken, or snapped cable.

If you notice excessive noise and rattling from the cable-pulley system when you open your garage, most likely, the cables came off the pulley system. The reason is an uneven operation on the two sides of the door opener system.


The frequently used of your garage door makes it one of the most moving equipment pieces in your home. Therefore, you need to remember; the garage door opener is essential just as the door itself.

There are various factors you need to take as a consideration when you buy an opener: your using habits, your needs, and your budget. We know there are so many options out there scattered around that it becomes very confusing and hard to find the best opener to your garage door, part of our service is to advise and fit you the best option, give us a call, and we will help you

When you are satisfied with your door appearance, we will move to the second step – garage door installation; This complicated equipment must install correctly and following local and national standards.

Overall, breaking down an old garage door and assemble a new garage door usually will take a few hours

garage door installation and repair

Overhead Garage Door Repair & Replacement
Replacing a garage door does not have to be exhausting, lengthy, and pricey; when you do it with our professional technicians, they will walk you through every step and let you know what you need to consider when purchasing a new garage door.

First, they will ask you questions about your preferred design and will custom shape, size, material, style, and show you the newest models in the market.


The garage door system is continuously under a tremendous amount of tension. Objects that get caught in the garage doorway or inside the track, worn-out garage door springs, or a system that is not correctly maintained can cause the garage door system to lose tension and come off the track.

As garage door experts, we will determine what caused the problem and how to assemble the intricate parts correctly. If you have experienced off-track issues, call our team in the Philadelphia area.

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